Services & Fees


For all services please note the following: Santa Fe county tax will be added to prices listed.

Payment is required in full during the Initial Consult for future services. During the Initial consult I will give you my best estimate of how many sessions we will need to reach your training goals. In order for us to work together to reach those goals, I ask that you commit to (and pay in advance for) an agreed-upon number of sessions. Since I can only work with a limited number of clients at a time (so many dogs, so little time!), it is important that you and I both commit to seeing our training plan through. Payments can be made by: check, cash or credit card.

NOTE: A 2.9% fee  will be added to credit card payment .

Cancellation Policy for Private Training:
48 hrs. grace period for 1st incident with no charge. After 1st incident, client will be charged for the session missed at the set session fee rate. There is a $35 charge for initial consult that are canceled or re-scheduled with less than 72 hrs. notice.

Travel & Mileage:
I do not travel extensively for in home trainings. When I do travel, mileage fees apply beyond 18 miles from my home at a rate of $1.20 per mile/round trip. However, if you live outside my area of service you have the option of meeting for the Initial consult and training at my training hub in Tesuque.***

Note:  If what you and your dog need help with requires the use of “strangers” or the use of  dogs, for dog/dog cases,  they will be an additional  fee of $25.00 per session for the second handler of the dogs or for the people -that are posing as “strangers”.  This fee will paid directly to the second handler of to the person filling in as a “stranger” by client as a per need basis.


Day Training and/or Coaching Sessions:
In home training sessions can be day training or coaching sessions. If the best approach to reach your goals is day training, we will meet for coaching sessions after I have trained your dog, to make sure that you learn how to elicit the new learned behaviors from your dog. During these training sessions (aka: transfer sessions) I will make sure you feel comfortable implementing the mechanics needed for the training plan as well as to teach your dog to mind you, and not only the trainer 🙂

If the success of the training requires that we work with your dog somewhere else than your home, not a problem! We can accomplish this via the day training or coaching sessions. Travel fees might apply.

Initial 90 min. at client’s home $135.00
Additional time (beyond 90 min.) $150.00
1 hr. training sessions: $115.00/per hr. session

Multiple Sessions Discount Package Available:
E-mail support (if needed) will be tallied up and charged at the one/hr. price of $115.00/hr.

There is so much that puppies and people must learn during puppyhood especially at ages: 3-18 weeks old. CHACO’s PUPPY PRIMER™ is geared to give you the support and guidance you will need to truly socialize your puppy.

Every week your puppy enters a new developmental “chapter” so knowing exactly what to focus on is not an easy task! Besides, most puppy parents are overwhelmed with the amount of dedication their puppy needs.

The details: For puppies’ ages: 8 weeks-4 ½ months of age. Depending on the age of your puppy what we will be working on. The package includes the following:

90 min. Initial Consult: I will meet you at your home so that we can set things up from the very beginning for you and your pup.

We will cover Prevention topics such as: House-training | crate training | socialization | bite inhibition | handling | alone time etc. We will meet for 8, 1 hr. consultations at your home, in town and or my training hub inTesuque. The schedule of these events/locations will depend on your puppy’s age.

As we work together with your puppy, we will cover the following:
Training concepts: Basic learning theory | nothing for free | life rewards | luring | shaping | reward removal | timing | criteria | proofing / handling distraction | getting and keeping focus | rate of reinforcement | fading the lure | problem solving at home and on the go such as: anti-jumping, visitors at the home, typical household noises etc.

Basic Obedience: Sit | down | stay | come | go to your mat | anti-jumping| leave it | loose-leash walking.

In addition to the above you will have priority in enrolling in CHACO’s puppy-play time, which is held twice a month in Tesuque. During this 45 min. supervised puppy play time we will continue to work on socialization, answer any questions you might have as well as basic obedience- all
while the puppies and us are having a blast!

90 min. Initial Consult: $135.00. Beyond 90 min. $150.00
8, 1 hr. sessions: $850. This fee also includes and extensive handbook with all the information you will need to continue learning and practicing between sessions.

NOTE: Puppy parents must be present in all training sessions (no day       training available).

Board & Train:
During Board& Train (B&T) your dog will be trained daily for 1 hr. In addition to the training, your dog will be exercised and will have access to dog play with my two friendly dogs. Your pup will have the same privileges and attention that my dogs have with the exception of your dog
being crated when I am not at home. Once I know your dog and I am sure the can all hang out together without supervision you dog does not have to be crated.

Requirements: Dog/puppy must be crate trained (the dog can comfortably stay in his/her crate for at least 1 hr.) and house-trained (for puppies- roughly house-trained, depending on age).
Before we decide if B&T is a good option for your pup, we must decide what exactly you would like me to work on while your dog is staying at my place and to make sure that your dog and my dogs get along well. Sometimes the “right chemistry” is not there.

NOTE: Boarding only option (no training) is available for private clients whose dogs meet the requirements above, or past successful B&T client’s dogs. Fee: $65.00 per day
of boarding.

Initial Consult (for new clients): A 90 minute initial consult in which I will get to meet your
dog, learn about your life together, your training needs and goals as a result of a B&T. The Initial Consult will take place at C.H.A.C.O.’s training hub in Tesuque. As part of it, your dog and my dogs will meet so that I can make sure they are a good match. If for any reason your pup is not a good candidate for B&T you can always do in home training.

Fees for the Initial Consult: $135.00
$150.00 (beyond the 90 minutes)

Fees: I charge for both boarding and for the training

1-3: Boarding $50 ea./ Training $115.00 daily
4-7: Boarding $45 ea. / Training $115.00 daily
8 and beyond: Boarding $40.00 ea. / Training $100.00 daily


Transfer Session(s) After Board & Train:
We will set a 1 hr. consultation (or more as needed) to discuss what your pup has learned and how to move forward so that you and family members – where applicable, can learn what your dog learned and how to elicit the behaviors. Depending on what the board&train entailed the number of transfer sessions needed.

Fees: The fee for the hourly transfer session is $115/hr. plus tax.

Payment: Payment due in full for B&T and transfer session(s) are due when signing the contract.

Cancellation Policy: With notification of one week prior to B&T client will receive a full refund. Less than one week of B&T start date full refund minus $75.00 late cancellation fee.


The 30 min. Training Tune-up:
The 30 min. training tune-up is an ideal way by which I can help you with a specific problem or issue that we have previously worked on. Like all training sessions, this option is customized to your needs and problem solving objectives.

There are no multiple sessions package available for 30 min. tune-up sessions. All Training Tune-up sessions are held at CHACO’s training hub in Tesuque.

Fee: 30 min. coaching session $50


C.H.A.C.O.’s Woof Gym was developed based on the principals of TTouch® and science based
learning theory (how animals learn). It is an innovative, fun and safe way of helping dogs

· Focus
· Impulse control
· Confidence
· Balance & coordination
· Self-awareness (sense of their body parts in space) and
· Trust in their guardian

How Does the Woof Gym Work?
By engaging your dog in a series of well-designed exercises, your dog is introduced to novel experiences. Just as with humans, when learning takes place in a safe yet challenging
environment learning becomes more permanent. Since all work is done at the dogs’ confidence and motor-skill levels, dogs feel challenged yet safe enough to experiment with their balance, coordination and self-awareness.

As dogs become successful in mastering the basics exercises, we progress to a higher level of difficulty. As a result of advancing only when the dog is ready, their experience is one of engagement instead of fear.

Engagement in new learning promotes confidence and focus!

The Woof Gym is ideal for dogs that:
· Lack overall confidence or
· Focus,
· Dogs who suffer from anxiety or
· Aggression towards people or other dogs,
· Dogs who are competing in agility or another dog sports
· Dogs that need more structured in their lives.

Sessions are by appointment only can be 1hr or 30 minutes long and are one-on-one since they are designed to fit the dog’s needs and client’s goals. When applicable, more than one dog can be working together in a session. The Woof Gym is located in Tesuque, where all sessions take place.

Fee: 1, hr. sessions $ 115.00 30 min. session $50.00
Discount given for multiple sessions for hourly sessions.


Tellington TTouch®:
As a certified Tellington TTouch® practitioner for Companion Animals I offer TTouch® sessions for dogs, cats. After we make contact I will interview you briefly by phone to learn more about your animal and the situation you need help with. If I feel that I can be of help, we will meet in your home for a 60-minute consultation, during which time I will learn in great detail about your pet’s behavior, medical history, and diet—as well as about your specific goals.

Depending on your personal goals and the kind of behavior(s) that we are dealing with, I will give you my assessment of the best method for accomplishing your goals and my best estimate about the number of sessions that will be required.

Subsequent TTouch® sessions are 45 min. long.

Fees for Tellington TTouch® Sessions for Companion Animals at client’s home:
Initial ONE hour in home consultation $100.00
Additional time (up to two hrs.) $150.00
After initial consult: 1-3, 45 min. session $75.00/per session

Beyond 3 Sessions Discount Package Available for multiple sessions.

E-mail support (if needed) will be tallied and charged at the one/hr. price of $100.00/hr.
For all group classes please look under “classes” section for current offerings.