August 5, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 10:45 am
C.H.A.C.O.'s Hub in Tesuque
NOTE: Address & directions will be emailed after enrollment and a few days before the beginning of social.

tibet-terrier-1597057_1280**ONGOING**  In order for Puppy Playtime to meet, enough puppies must be signed up by previous Wednesday.


Puppy playtime is a vital activity by which your puppy will continue to practice bite inhibition. When puppies play with one another they give each other feedback as to the pressure of their “play” bites. If a puppy bites too hard, the playmate will most likely screech and stop the play as a warning to the play- biting pup that the pressure is too much and not tolerated. Thus the puppies learn to handicap the pressure of their (play) bite.

If your puppy ever bites as an adult dog but he/she learned proper bite inhibition, most likely there will be very little to no damage done because of excessive bite pressure. Bite Inhibition is learned only while dogs are young puppies (roughly to 4 1/2-5 months of age) thus the urgency of teaching them when very young. It is important to realize that ALL dogs will bite if there is no better option to get the message across when feeling threatened or scared.

We are happy to announce this new service! Puppy Playtime at CHACO’s hub in Tesuque. Ongoing, held twice monthly, on the first and last Saturday of each month from 10-10:45am. During this 45 min. supervised puppy play time we will continue to work on socialization, answer any questions you might have as well as practice some basic obedience- all while the puppies and we humans are having a blast!

Fee: $16.05/per visit /per puppy. Please register below and pay to reserve your spot. Once you have submitted your application (needed for your first visit) and payment I will send you additional information before Puppy Playtime starts.

Please note that in order to run the Puppy Playtime we will need at least two puppies with a maximum of six in attendance.

This service is open to puppies ages 9 weeks of age to 16 weeks. In accordance with the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior ( Puppies should receive at least 1 set of vaccines at least 7 days prior to the first social and first de-worming. They should also be kept up-to-date on vaccines during attendance. Proof of vaccination is required.

NOTE: If your puppy is sick please do not attend Puppy Social. Supervised and well-behaved children (ages 5 up are invited and encourage to attend).

Trainer: Almudena Ortiz Cué M.A. CTC, CPDT, Tellington TTouch™ Cert.

Please click here to complete this form (for your first visit) and submit payment below. Note that all fields are required in the form. Kindly write “none” where questions are not applicable. NOTE: You must submit payment with your application in order to have a spot in the social.