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By attending “C.H.A.C.O Dog Training & Behavior Consulting LLC” classes we learned a lot and so did our standard poodle Dash. Almudena has a first-class facility with a large field for classes, within a larger securely fenced area that readily adapts to the wide range of activities she incorporates in her teaching. She is a personable and caring individual as well as a very knowledgeable professional totally committed to helping owners and their dogs.

The classes are usually small, 4 owners with their dogs, which allows some one-on-one time with Almudena when needed, and the classes are nonthreatening and fun for the dog. With her extensive knowledge, she is able to address any special problems encountered. For example, our dog had spent the first nine months of his life in a kennel being mostly ignored. Almudena really helped socialize Dash and he’s become a confident, happy dog, who likes to play and he enjoys the company of other dogs and people. – Robb & Kate Palmer, Tesuque, NM


I took a Recall class with Almudena and was so impressed by her skill as a trainer that we continued with some private training sessions and an Agility 1 class. I liked the class structure that combined clear instruction with a significant amount of individual time with each dog. She is professional, focused, insightful, and supportive.

She has an excellent rapport with dogs (as well as people!), and our dog Scout loves her and loved the classes.

As a result of working with Almudena, Scout is now able to walk safely off leash with us because we know she will come when called. Having a well-trained dog who can join us in our outdoor adventures is such a delight. Thank you so much, Almudena! – Lesley Mansfield, El Dorado, Santa Fe, NM


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