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Back To Basics: Teaching Two Important Dog Behaviors That Will MakeYour Life Easier @ C.H.A.C.O. Dog Training & Behavior Consulting LLC
Mar 3 @ 10:00 am – Mar 24 @ 11:00 am

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 4.48.14 PMBack to Basic: Teaching Two Important Dog Behaviors That Will MakeYour Life Easier

Isn’t  it great when we ask our dogs to  either sit stay  or down stay and they actually can do so?  I can think of so many instances where this would come in very handy.  And how about you being able to walk your dog without your dog pulling? 

In this 4 session class we will focus on just these two behaviors:  sit or lie/down & stay and loose leash walking with some distractions.

Your dog will learn that staying put on a lie down pays off. As well as learning that the fastest way to get to where it wants to go is by walking nicely on a loose leash.

You will learn the myriads of reasons why it is hard for our dogs to perform these behaviors. Together we will explore how you can help your dog ace at staying in place for more than just a few seconds as well as walking on a loose leash.  NOTE: You will have to practice  at home between sessions.

Requirements: Open to 4 handlers and their dogs ages 5 months onward 

Dogs are comfortable working around people and other dogs on leash. No lunging, growling or excessive barking.

Your dog has learned to sit or to lie down on a verbal cue.

Required Vaccinations: Rabies, DHLPP (distemper & parvo) or titer test. Proof of vaccination required at first class.

You will need to bring to every class:

  • A bed, towel etc.
  • Either a FLAT collar (no choke-chain, prong collar) and a harness or a FLAT collar and a head-halter combination.
  • 6 ft. leash (non-retractable)
  • A few more items we will discuss during orientation.

The Details:

Saturday March 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th 2018  First session is orientation without dogs.

From 10-11am    

Fee: $160.05 (Santa Fe county tax included).