Stocking stuffers for your pup

Yes indeed folks the time of gift-giving is among us.  And what do you have planned for the pooch in your life?

Since I turned to a vegan eating lifestyle, I have had to experiment more in the kitchen. So as a bonus, I now have the confidence to know that I can  satisfy my eating needs as a result of  learning how to cook for myself.

Because of this new found hobby I have also looked into some healthy, super high-value treats for dogs.  I will be sharing one of the recipes with you below. While this recipe is not one of my own, I do have permission to share it. It is one that I have made for my own dogs- (yes, it will be in there Xmas stockings this year) but I have mostly used it with my client’s very fearful dogs.  A few trials of this tasty food and those fearful dogs are thinking that I am worth hanging out with and if I can cook this well then maybe I am not one to be concerned about. Ha!

If you plan on making this delicious snaky-snack for your pup, I recommend that you only use it in training for the “big stuff”.  In other words, if there is a particular “issue” that you are working on with your dog – and of course, I am assuming that ALL of you are at least working and training your pups once a day for as little as 3 minutes, this is the time to bring out the “Tuna fudge”  or “Salmon fudge”. Say you are working on recall (come when called) or perhaps your dog is afraid of men, loud noises, traffic, chases bikes and joggers and… you catch my drift.

In other words, the Tuna fudge should not become your go to treat for everyday stuff.  It should be reserved for difficult behavior modification situations.  In addition, the reason this recipe is high value is because it is not the leanest side.  One of my favorite things about Tuna fudge is that you can make a ton of it, separate into smallish bags and freeze it; pulling out just what you might use.

You can nuke it in a pinch of just leave it outside to thaw overnight.  Also, because of its fudge-like quality, it is super easy to just take a very small amount as a reward. BTW, dogs are not that interested in getting a huge piece of goodness. For them it is all about the smell. So for this very reason, we can get away with very “smelly” treats in tiny portions.

If you don’t like the smell of fish in your home while baking, well then… you and your pup are out of luck!  Personally, I did not find that the smell was too objectionable, and now that I experienced how powerful this stuff is to warm the heart of many dogs I think it is worth a little “stink” in the home.

If you decide to make this delicious recipe for your pup, please tell them on Xmas eve as they are unpacking their Xmas stockings that I say hello.   And yes, by all means, stay tune for the next week’s blog where I will be sharing some more great ideas for Xmas gifts for your dogs.

What you need:

• 12 oz tuna in water (do not drain) or salmon in  a can which is what I have used.

• 2 eggs

• 1 to 1.5 cups flour

• Dash of garlic powder

• Parmesan cheese

How to:

• Mash tuna in bowl- liquefy in a blender- add water (or applesauce) as needed Pour into bowl- add flour, garlic powder, eggs

• Mix everything together

• Spread onto cookie sheet Sprinkle with Parmesan

• Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.  It will be the texture of putty; cut into tiny squares.

• These can be frozen.

Easy and delicious add-ins:

Boiled chicken (mash in bowl and liquefy with tuna)

Applesauce (add at any step)

Banana (mash in bowl and liquefy with tuna)

Chicken stock (add during liquefy step)

Helpful hint:

Use a pizza cutter when cool to cut into tiny squares!