Step UP or Step OUT – A call to breeders everywhere

A few of you have contacted me as a result of the last week’s post: Buyer beware.

Just like you, I feel the pain and sadness when I hear of yet another puppy gone bad, just because of human ignorance or worse human greed. Now, one can only take so much of hearing these heartbreaking stories. And yes, we also need to celebrate and support those who are making a world of difference in bringing positive change to people and their puppies.

So here is my gift to you. Remember I mentioned on my last post that there ARE excellent breeders out there? Well, here is your first diamond in the rough: Jane Killion of Puppy Culture.

Jane is not only a dedicated and knowledgeable breeder of bull terriers – (these guys are the clowns of the word of dogs, people they are hilarious!) but she is also a fantastic knowledgeable trainer and author. Her book: When Pigs Fly: Training Success with Impossible Dogs is on my bookshelf and is full of sensible and practical advice for typical doggie “issues”.

This post aims to be more than a product(s) endorsement; it aims to be an endorsement of a REVOLUTION! Thanks to people like Jane and her Puppy Culture we have a model that is comprehensive of what consumers SHOULD expect from their breeder- no matter what breed of puppy they want. Jane’s Puppy Culture program is a beacon of possibility. Yes, raising litters of puppies is a huge enterprise. Now raising puppies that are truly well socialized, both physically and emotionally healthy as Jane does, is a testimony that it can be done.

Breeders do not and should not only look at their bottom line of expenses and time invested in raising healthy (adorable) puppies, moreover, this revolution is about a call for breeders all over to STEP UP, or STEP DOWN – that simple.

If consumers and future puppy parents learn about what it means to get a puppy that will be a delight to call their own, they can demand that breeders STEP UP to the challenge of raising puppies humanely and comprehensively by making sure their puppies are house trained, have had multiple well-orchestrated opportunities to meet people of all kinds in a way that will leave the puppies feeling delighted and happy about interacting with people. Puppies that are ready to tackle novel situations with confidence, such as the ones they will experience in their lives as companions.

The responsibility of all breeders should be to secure a wealth of age-appropriate socialization for the puppies they breed. As a result of a job well done, their puppies will not have to experience constant fear and anxiety throughout their lives; instead, they will thrive in the midst of their deserving families.

I encourage you to listen to this podcast which explains Jane’s Puppy Culture program here: If you are dog professional, please share with your clients so that they too realize what is possible.