Private Training for Snake Avoidance – Using Reward Based Methods

image 1Offer Begins: May 10th 2016 ends June 15th 2016

If you train your dog often by following science based and well designed training  protocols your dog clearly stands a much higher chance of moving away from a snake if he ever encounters one.

Via private training we will teach your dog how not to approach the snake and instead come back to you and if you are not present to move away from the snake.

My approach in teaching the above skills – like everything I teach, is based on the Behavioral Sciences (how animals learn among- other things).

It is also based on reinforcing the dog for making the correct choice: Moving away from the snake, instead of shocking the dog when in the presence of one.

I am offering private training for this specific issue at a 15% discount of my regular hourly fee.

There are only 3 spots available for this offer and the offer ends on June 15th 2016

The Details: 8, 1 hr. private training $726.06 (Santa Fe County tax included)

We will work with your dog at C.H.A.C.O’s hub in Tesuque for a number of sessions as well as in your home if you live within my service area, otherwise all sessions will be held at C.H.A.C.O’s Hub in Tesuque.

If you are interested in this training please contact me directly: or by phone 505-954-1434

NOTE: You will have to buy some supplies in order to practice with your dog between sessions.