Free Presentation: Help For Your Thunder-Phobic Dog

Thunder phobia in a dog can produce mild anxiety to a full-blown anxiety response.
Since there are many factors that contribute to the thunder-phobic experience, and
most of them out of our control, we must at least learn to create protocols to help
our dogs better cope during a storm. When our dogs learn that relaxing is possible
in the presence of the storm-related stimuli they learn that a storm is “no-big” deal.

During this presentation, Almudena will address common triggers associated with
thunderstorms, how best to create a “safe” area for your dog as well as teaching
good associations with these common triggers by implementing well thought-out
protocols and the use of some interesting tools. In addition to this presentation,
Almudena will be teaching a class on this topic.

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016
Free & Open To Public
Marty’s Meals