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There are only 2 spots left for Rally O. Do sign up now to reserve your spot.

Here are the details again on Rally O and how to register.

Rally (or Rally Obedience) is an interactive dog sport that combines skills learned in a basic obedience class and competition obedience exercises into a course where the handler and dog move from station to station engaging in different combinations of behaviors.

This class is an ideal opportunity to practice Basic Obedience in addition to incorporating advanced work.

Handler & dog team navigate a course with signs indicating different exercises to perform such as: Sit-Down-SitStraight Figure 8Send Over Jump, Recall Over Jump etc. The team navigates the course at a brisk, continuous pace.

Teamwork, precision and fun are emphasized in Rally O. However, if competing in the sport is your goal, you will learn the necessary beginning skills of the entry level of the APDT(Association of Professional Dog Trainers) Rally O.

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