Dog Training Classes Starting in January 2015!

We’re excited to inform you that C.H.A.C.O. Dog Training & Behavior Consulting, LLC., which is located in Tesuque – 15 min. North from Santa Fe, NM, has some wonderful upcoming dog training classes starting in the new year!


Here are some of the details for the upcoming classes:

Kinder Pup 1:
Your puppy’s proper socialization should start pronto! A well socialized puppy – one that welcomes the interaction of friendly people and dogs is not only a happy pup but also a pleasure to live with.
Kinder Pup 1 curriculum supports learning at your dog’s level as well as real-life scenarios because after all, puppies are still puppies even when you leave the classroom! The curriculum is designed to teach your pup that people and dogs mean good things for him/her.

Dates & Time: Saturdays 9-10 am January 10th, 17th, 24th 31st Feb. 7th and Feb. 14th 2015


Kinder Pup 2 (Basic Obedience):
Adolescence is a transitional period that varies from pup to pup. During this stage your puppy will begin to “test” new boundaries (and you) and become more interested in other dog friends and what the environment has to offer.

Kinder Pup 2 is here to help you maintain your adolescent social-graces and give you the know-how so that you can continue to reinforce the behaviors that you want in your dog. The choice, of course, is yours: to bite the bullet now by continuing with the “education” of your adolescent dog or subject yourself to a life of rowdy behaviors and a not-so-fun life with a dog.

Dates & Time: Six week class – Tuesdays from 3-4pm on January 13th, 20th, 27th Feb. 3rd, Feb. 10th and Feb.17th 2015


Developing the Confident Dog:
Dogs that lack overall confidence may appear “hyper, “stubborn”, “dominant”, “needy”, or “aggressive.”

The reality is that an overall lack of confidence or shear fear is most likely the underlining factor for their behavior. Living with a fearful dog or one that lacks confidence is a constant challenge.
In this six week course, we will explore a myriad of activities based on animal behavior and learning as well as the Tellington TTouch® method to boost your dog’s confidence and increase the quality of her life. Emphasis throughout the class will be in teaching owners/handlers how to help their dog develop more confidence and how to instill trust in their dog over situations where they feel concerned.

Dates & Time: Saturdays 11am-12 pm Jan 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st, Feb. 7th and Feb. 14th 2015