Submit Your Behavior or Specific Situation Questions About Your Dog To Me

Through my blog Slice of Life I have shared with all of you over 100 posts to date. I hope that these posts have brought you insight and knowledge on how you can live and enjoy life alongside your dogs.

So here is to a little “experiment” I would love to try: Please submit via the form below your questions about behavior in general or a specific situation with your dog. I will try and shed some insight and recommendations. And BTW, feel free to ask your friends to do so as well.


NOTE: Only your first name will appear on the blog post. I encourage you to send me a pic of your dog along with your question. If you do submit a photo please make sure that it is of high resolution, in focus, and with a non-distracting background.

Hope to hear from you soon!



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Please note: Questions will be answered in the order they’re received, please stay tuned via this blog!