Agility From The Ground Up

Some of my clients have asked me if I would consider teaching an agility class. And the answer is yes and no.

No, I am not interested in teaching an agility class where dogs are coaxed to jump up on the equipment when they lack the confidence and training to do so, where the goal of “winning” and the pressure to perform for both handler and dog is more important than making sure that both human and dog are learning new skills at an appropriate pace for both.

And … Yes, I am interested in teaching agility with consideration for the process as much as the end goal. So welcome to Agility From the Ground Up, a series of classes beginning with the fundamentals. Or… think of it as a circle of enthusiasts who are committed to learning the many aspects of the sport while helping their dogs excel. The pressure is off and the fun is on! All classes and instruction given are based on the science of animal learning. Behaviors are build step-by-step using reinforcement as well as the use of a marker (clicker).


The goal here is to make sure handlers and their dogs are successful in understanding and executing the task at hand before moving forward with more advanced work. Besides, I am excited to give this a go because I now have a setting that will allow me to do so. To learn more about Agility From the Ground Up and to enroll in the first mini-course, (each mini-course is comprised of six, one hr. sessions) please follow this link.

If you have heard about agility, but would like more information here is a link to an article that will help you understand why so many folks are gravitating towards the sport.