Adoptable Dog – Puppy Love


Six month old Puppy Love is looking for her forever home. She was found under a truck in the parking lot of a local store, by Ellen the owner of Tullivers, at approximately 2 months of age. Ellen has been caring for her since and is looking to find Puppy Love her new pet parent(s).

In helping Puppy Love and her future family be successful with her adoption, I am offering her adopters, who need to be approved by Ellen, a complimentary 90 minute consultation (in town or out in Tesuque – within 2 weeks of being adopted) so that I can help with the transition. To see a video of Puppy Love please download here.

Read below the email I received regarding Puppy Love from Ellen:

“I am sending this email to all of you in the hopes you may know of someone who would be the perfect new pet parent for the puppy I have had for approx. 4 months now. Her name is “Puppy Love” and appears to be a Doberman mix, perhaps with Lab or Rottweiler.

Puppy Love was found under a truck in the parking lot of my Abq. store, apparently dumped at approx. 2 months of age. She has had all her shots and I am having her spayed in the next week or so. She is now six months of age (according to vet’s estimate).

Positive qualities: Smart, fast learner, sweet, fun, playful, goofy, affectionate, good eater, healthy, loves all my dogs, loves people, can be mellow for a puppy, not a mean bone in her body, is very attached to her human, walks well on a harness, rides well in the car, is housebroken and uses dog door.

Issues: She has a tendency to inhale her food, but a treat dispenser with kibble in it works well and I serve her wet food spread out on a pie plate so she has to lick it and not gobble all at once – easy fix. She started out trying to eat the other dog’s meals, but I have trained her out of it – she is very bright. She would need reinforcement in a new environment.

I know Puppy Love is comfortable with small dogs, but is tentative around larger dogs until she gets to know them. She has not had exposure to cats or other animals. I think she is more comfortable around female energy.

Puppy Love with toy rat 8.6.13Puppy Love will do best in a home with other dogs to play with, with a good size yard with a dog door (however, no dog door is not a deal breaker as she lets you know when she needs to go outside). Someone who will provide outlets for her to burn off puppy energy and provide her with consistent training. Obviously, someone who appreciates the value of a natural diet and keep her on good food. My understanding from speaking to people who’ve owned Dobermans is that they are an excellent breed and a great companion, and I believe it. I have vascillated as to whether or not to keep Puppy Love, but I have four small dogs already, and one more dog, especially bigger and a puppy, is affecting the dynamic in my household and I have to honor my other older dog’s well-being.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Puppy Love, please contact me at the Abq. store – 505-797-7080. Obviously, I’ll want to interview the party and do a home visit. The cost to adopt Puppy Love will be equal to the expenses I’ve incurred for shots, microchip, and spaying. Thanks for your time.”  – Ellen

Puppy Love Sound Asleep 8.6.13